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Need to rent a sound system for a day, a week, a month?
We can help you out with that.


Topps Music Service has a full line of professional DJ and PA gear available for rent.
Trusted brand names such as Mackie, Numark, Vestax, Shure, Alto, Behringer, Soundcraft, Peavey, 
Yamaha and, American Audio just to names a few.

With sizes ranging from 150 watts to 20,000 watts, Topps Music Service can fulfill all your audio needs.

Our small DJ system                    Starts at $200.00+gst
Comes with
-2 Pole mounted powered speakers
-DJ mixer
-Wired microphone
-All necessary cables
Perfect for a backyard ceremony or small wedding reception.


Our large DJ system                    Starts at $350.00+gst
Comes with
-2 Pole mounted powered speakers
-1 Subwoofer
-DJ mixer
-Wired microphone
-All necessary cables
Perfect for most social halls or teen dances. 
Just add your own DJ and music and your ready to rock all night.


Our band PA system                       Starts at $600.00+gst
Comes with
-2 Pole mounted powered mains
-2 subwoofers
-1 16 channel live sound board
-1 effects unit
-1 31 band dual channel EQ
-3 Powered stage monitors on 1 mix
-1 Full drum mic kit
-3 Vocal mics on stands
-2 Instrument mics on stands
All mics will be line checked at set-up.
No sound check or tech services.

All of our sound system rentals are delivered, fully set-up and tested at your venue free of charge
within the City of Winnipeg or Selkirk area. Outside these areas a mileage charge may apply.
 A refundable Visa or MasterCard damage deposit of $300 minimum is required.
Prices quoted on this page are examples only.

Live Sound Mixer at live showMackie SRM450 SpeakerBack stage amplifers at a live show


To book your event today or get a competitive price quote, send us an email 
or call us at 204-797-2659 in Winnipeg or 204-785-3832 in Selkirk.


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