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Music is what we live for. Our carefully selected 55,000 song library is updated weekly to insure
that our clients will have access to all of the current top 40 as well as the hits of yesterday.

With all of our DJ packages, once booked, you will receive a copy of our complete music planner.
The music planner allows our clients to have complete control over the music played at their events.
When selecting music for your event, you may find the above buttons very useful. Each button will take you to a
comprehensive list of songs selected to suit each type of special moment at your event.

You can view a list of our complete library by clicking here, or have the full list email to you.
If we don't have it, and you need it, we'll get it.

When selecting music for your event, please keep in mind that the music we obtain must come from legal sources.
Original cd's and I-Tunes are our preferred sources. If you are using Youtube, Groveshark, 
or other video and audio sharing sites, the songs you hear maybe edited, remixed, and not commercially available.
Topps Music Service cannot obtain music from these sources.


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To book your event today or get a competitive price quote, send us an email 
or call us at 204-797-2659 in Winnipeg or 204-785-3832 in Selkirk.


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